How does Université Paris-Saclay support pedagogical transformation and innovation to prepare for the future of education?


  • Isabelle Bournaud
  • Lionel Husson
  • Valérie Camel
  • Elisabeth Dufour-Gergam



The Université Paris-Saclay integrates in its strategic plan the importance of supporting pedagogical transformation and innovations aimed at the continuous improvement of education and training, student success and actors in professional development.
Its Education Department is committed to a proactive policy of providing incentives through a range of complementary actions. For several years now, it has encouraged a collective dynamic in order, on the one hand, to offer times for inter-institutional sharing of these teaching experiences, and, on the other hand, to provide financial support for numerous transformative initiatives. It is also very dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of individual and collective successes related to pedagogy.

Several structuring actions are carried out to support pedagogical transformation: setting up a working group, creating a specific mission, allocating a budget, organising an annual pedagogical day and thematic workshops, supporting innovative projects, training for new teachers as soon as they are recruited, accompanying the deployment of the competency- based approach, creating a chair of action-research in pedagogy, communicating and publishing.

This paper (adapted from the original poster) focuses on the support of innovative projects.