Can video support improve attainment? Evaluating the impact of teaching videos on student performance


  • Sandor Gellen
  • Fiona Saunders
  • Jack Stannard
  • Colin McAllister-Gibson
  • Lisa Simmons



In 2017, the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Manchester Metropolitan University began an initiative that led to the creation of over 2000 videos and screencasts to support students across all their departments. The videos cover solutions for tutorial problems, provide coursework briefing information, or support laboratory work and exam preparation. This paper reports the findings of the quantitative study to investigate the effectiveness of the initiative on unit performance. Whilst adjusting for key student characteristics, regression analysis was applied to measure the links between final unit marks of 1248 undergraduate students and their level of engagement with videos. A positive correlation was found, and a further qualitative study is now underway to elaborate on these results and to explain such impact.