Creating a “Teaching Portfolio Chart” for reflection and clarifying one’s own teaching philosophy


  • Kayoko Kurita
  • Lui Yoshida



The Teaching Portfolio Chart (TP Chart) is a worksheet for reflecting on teaching, distilling one’s teaching philosophy, connecting philosophy and practical methodology, and setting future goals. It was developed based on the concept of the Teaching Portfolio by Seldin, Meller and Seldin (2010). The advantages of the TP Chart are: (1) helping the creator reflect on all their educational activities to find their teaching philosophy with short creation time; (2) the process of creating a TP Chart can support one’s reflections, step by step and in an organized way; and (3) an AP Chart presents a singular overview of one’s teaching, making sharing with others easy. In this paper we introduce the structure and features of the TP Chart, explain its creation process, and then discuss its future potential and challenges.