Using “escape boxes” to promote constructive learning and positive thinking


  • Ayelet Shvalb
  • Tal Harshoshanim



Future oriented pedagogy deals with changes in learning and adaptability to them. Awareness of a personal resource pool, the ability to recognize task-specific strengths and constructive learning are all important components here and can assist in training learners in the 21st century. Our premise is that people use their personal strengths to perform tasks, but they do so subconsciously. The purpose of this paper is to examine how raising awareness of strengths, expanding the personal resource pool and consciously selecting strengths for a specific task – “escape boxes” – can improve both learning itself and the learning experience. The study used Switzerland-themed “escape boxes” that suited the ICED 2020 convention, which was cancelled due to COVID-19. Our study shows that learning through “escape boxes” and awareness and selection of task-specific strengths improve learning and the learning experience.