Designing for blended learning to foster deeper learning: Exploring the use of ICAP theory of cognitive engagement as a professional development activity to support academic teachers’ practices


  • Jeanette Lyn Fung Choy
  • Adrian Michael Lee



This study was aimed at increasing our current knowledge on how professional development initiatives can be structured to develop and strengthen academics’ pedagogical practices in implementing blended learning (BL) in university education. We investigated the mindsets and processes of 2 groups of academics in a research-intensive university in Singapore. The first group of academics had implemented BL at the early stages of the university’s efforts to encourage the broader adoption of this innovative approach, while the second group comprised academics who had attended a professional development course on BL conducted by the faculty development unit within the institution. Initial analysis of interview data revealed positive results on the effectiveness of the professional development course and the use of the ICAP framework to enhance academic teachers’ practices in implementing BL.