Future-ready faculty: Developing the characteristics of expertise in teaching in higher education

  • Helen King


In higher education (HE), “ways of thinking and practising” (WTP) have been considered for many academic disciplines (e.g. McCune & Hounsell, 2005), but less so for the practice of HE teaching. In other professions, WTP is explored through the concept of expertise (e.g. Ericsson et al, 2006). A better understanding of expertise of HE teachers will help inform the enhancement of educational development (Kreber et al, 2005; Saroyan & Trigwell, 2015). This paper proposes a model of expertise in HE teaching based on the expertise literature, empirical research, and reflection on practice. The model is presented as three interacting aspects:
• Pedagogical Content Knowledge (Shulman, 1986)
• Artistry of Teaching: authentic, creative & improvisatory (Schön, 1982)
• Self-determined & purposeful approaches to learning and development (King, 2019)