Guided by theory, informed by practice: Teaching philosophies of academics from universities of teacher education


  • Mònica Feixas
  • Amira Berzi



What influences the teaching philosophy of teachers from universities of teacher education the most? Is it theory? Professional development? Experience and personal beliefs? Articulating a teaching philosophy allows a reflection on one’s identity as a teacher and guides behaviour by codifying a set of principles by which a teacher acts (Goodyear and Alchin, 1998). This is a means for university teachers to share their developed values, principles and practices.
In this study, we provide insights on teaching philosophy statements from academics of an international network. For its analysis, the conceptual framework of Schönwetter et al. (2002) is used as a reference for looking at seven dimensions (purpose of teaching and learning; role of the teacher; role of the student; methods, and assessment) and two framing devices (critical incidents and acknowledgement of contextual factors). Such insights reassured us on the appropriateness of writing teaching philosophies for professional development purposes.