A future-ready teaching philosophy: Opportunities to reflect, re-value and re-frame a teaching philosophy


  • Dieter J. Schönwetter
  • Gesa Ruge
  • Coralie McCormack
  • Robert Kennelly
  • Nicole Gareau-Wilson




This paper offers a reflective experience for educational developers, educators and university managers/administrators involved in supporting the “future-ready” capabilities of academics and student cohorts through their teaching and learning journeys. Readers are guided through reflective statements that share aspects of a teaching philosophy (TP) as a capacity building, future-ready resource. The learning outcomes are three-fold. First, to activate/identify the context and purposes of a TP. Second, to acquire knowledge of our research findings relevant to the future-ready value of a TP including examples of practical suggestions by research participants and attendees at research dissemination events. Third, to reflect and develop an action plan about the role and capabilities of a TP for future-ready higher education professionals and identify personally relevant “take-away” ideas.