An online interactive monitoring system as an instrument for data-driven self-reflection on education policy and quality assurance processes at faculty and study programme level


  • Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij
  • Hilde Van Puyenbroeck
  • Janis Vanacker
  • Sien Uytterschout
  • Joke Claeys
  • Katrijn De Cock
  • Nele Mahieu



Future-ready universities take into account the challenges posed by a “VUCA World”. The question, then, is how to prepare study programmes for such an uncertain, complex and rapidly evolving future. Ghent University considers adaptability, co-leadership and self-governance as crucial aspects of study programme management. It has recently developed an online interactive monitoring system for faculties and study programmes that supports self-evaluation and stakeholder engagement. Via the “education monitors” of this system, faculty and programme management can document, argue, and reflect on their mission/vision, processes, actions, quality indicators and results. The structure of the monitors is based on the PDCA principle, and allows detailed reporting on each of the pre-determined topics’ vision and policy (PLAN), implementations (DO), monitoring (CHECK), and improvement actions (ACT). This paper gives an insight into how the monitors are built, how they operate technically, how they stimulate self-reflection and monitor quality, and how they go beyond learning and teaching.