This issue of the Learning and Teaching Journal is a special edition focusing on projects presented at the first “Learning and Teaching Fair 2018” at ETH Zurich. The ETH Learning and Teaching Fair, to be held biannually from 2018 onwards, showcases the richness and diversity of teaching and learning at ETH by presenting a wide range of teaching and learning projects contributed by both ETH teaching staff and students. The intention of the Fair is to serve as an inspiring vehicle for discussion and feedback on the topic of student learning for the entire ETH teaching and learning community.

The first ETH Learning and Teaching Fair also marks the launch of the Learning and Teaching Journal. This open online journal provides a platform for analysis, review and discussion of teaching and learning in ETH disciplines, to further the aim of educating students to be both highly qualified professionals and responsible members of society. While the platform primarily features ETH authors, their contributions will be available outside the institution – bolstering ETH’s role as a world leader in research and teaching. 

Published: 2018-11-19